About us

After several years focused in their Economics and Engineering background, Raquel Viana and Maria João Diogo, have decided to professionalize their taste of creating unique spaces, having specialized in Interior Design by Lisbon School of Design.

At Dois Tons we design interior projects where the personality of our customers, their needs and lifestyle are taken into account and represent the foundations of the creative process.

The outcome is distinctive spaces where functionality, comfort and timelessness are associated to design and sophistication.

Inovating and creating more and better are the key factors of our studio high level requirements, which converge into our customers satisfaction and their dream materialization.


Interior projects for housing and commercial spaces

Residential and commercial interior design projects

Layout and Floor Plans design

Concept Boards for each home section with materials and furniture compilation

3D projects

Lighting Projects

Interior Design Projects for Temporary Home Lease

Interior Design for Turistic Leases

Home Staging

Turnkey Projects